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About Lorie

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How You Benefit from the Go Create YOU! Program


Create Positive Goals

Develop Manageable Steps

Develop Focus & Follow-Through

Realize Incredible Success!

My Story

My life has been a series of challenges, goals, and achievements.


One of my first Professional accomplishments was obtaining my Bachelor's Degree. It took five years, while working a full-time job and taking classes at night, to receive my Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Arts. This enabled me to move from a secretarial position into an advertising and communications career.


This accomplishment paved the way for me to land positions in a variety of advertising agencies. It also gave me the confidence to start a consulting business with my husband.  During our more than 25 years in business, we helped our customers and clients market their businesses. I produced ads, brochures, websites, and other collateral materials for a variety of small business owners.

I've also worked on a variety of Personal and Physical goals. I achieved two different Black Belts in karate. In my early 50s, I decided to challenge myself again by participating in triathlons and half marathons. While I didn’t win any races, I was able to improve my times and finish with both feet planted firmly on the ground!

I have successfully raised two children into adulthood and have written many articles on productivity and self-improvement to help people on their journey of change.

By using my life experience and knowledge, seeing what worked and what didn’t work, I am inspired to help people just like you gain a clearer, easier path to success in your business and personal life!

Discover how you can achieve your goals and improve your life! Take the goal assessment challenge below to find out what you need to work on first in your journey for positive change.

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